Compass Healthcare Group Takes Lead
on Patient Quality with Deployment of
Quantum Clinical Navigation System™

Quantum September 11, 2009, (San Marcos, Texas) – Compass Healthcare Group has taken the lead in the Southern Texas marketplace through its commitment to patient quality by deploying the Quantum Clinical Navigation System™ in its surgical sites in Brownsville, Harlingen and Edinburg, Texas.

Quantum allows hospitals and physicians to easily track more than 50 critical quality indicators per surgical case. This level of data allows them to prove they provide great patient care based upon the most current standards for evidence based medicine.

“All providers and hospitals say they provide great patient care,” said Alexander Candelario, CEO of Compass Healthcare Group. “The Quantum Clinical Navigation System? will allow us to prove it.”

Quantum is designed to flow naturally with the patient care models already in use throughout physician groups and hospitals. Unlike expensive healthcare IT systems which force clinicians to bear the burden of cumbersome interfaces and extra steps, Quantum CNS provides a very high “return on clinician time” in addition to the standard “return on investment” model.

“What makes Quantum CNS so unique is the ease with which providers like Compass Healthcare Group can input and track their quality metrics. It provides a very high ‘return on clinician time’”™, said John Kunysz, COO, of Quantum Clinical Navigation System™.

Compass, headquartered in San Marcos, TX provides healthcare practice management services with an emphasis in all inclusive anesthesia practice management services for hospitals and surgery centers. Compass also provides services to emergency rooms, OB/GYN, radiology and hospitalists. For more information, visit

Quantum, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, provides continuous quality improvement consulting and perioperative quality measurement solutions for hospitals, surgery centers and physician groups. Quantum was founded in 2006 as a division of Southeast Anesthesiology Consultants, an 80+ physician practice providing anesthesia and pain management services throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia to more than 140,000 patients each year. For more information, visit