Southeast Anesthesiology
Consultant’s CEO Speaks in Latin America

November 2, 2009 (Charlotte, N.C.) – Southeast Anesthesiology Consultants CEO, Dr. Richard Gilbert, spoke at The Healthcare Leaders’ Summit in Chile, Brazil and Argentina last week.

The summit is an ongoing, multi-year, continuing education event sponsored by the Latin America Division of the Medical Devices & Diagnostic Group of the Johnson & Johnson Company, and it brings experts in healthcare quality and safety to Latin America to discuss the following topics:

• Current scientific evidence regarding the quality and safety of healthcare
around the world
• Models for measuring and improving the quality and safety of healthcare delivery
• Models for aligning the incentives of the various healthcare stakeholders (physicians/
surgeons, insurers, payers, government) to achieve improved quality,
safety and efficiency
• Assistance in forming and maintaining communities of quality for improvement

Dr. Gilbert’s presentation was entitled “Can a Data-Driven Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) System Change Clinician Practice to Reduce Medical Errors, Improve Outcomes and Lower Healthcare Costs?”

Southeast Anesthesiology Consultants is an 80+ physician anesthesia and pain management practice serving more than 100,000 anesthesia and more than 45,000 pain management patients each year in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. On the Web at and


From left to right: Dr. Heinz Brock, MBA, MPH – Medizinischer Direktor AKh Allgemeines Krankenhous der Stadt Linz GmbH, CEO of a 1000 bed hospital in Lintz, Austria; Vahe’ A. Kazandjian, PhD, MPH – President, Center for Performance Sciences, President, LogicQual Research Institute, Inc.; Rainer U. Hilgenfeld, MD, PhD, MPH – International Coordinator, Center for Performance Sciences; Richard L. Gilbert, MD, MBA – CEO, Southeast Anesthesiology Consultants, PA, Chief of Staff, Carolinas’ Medical Center, Charlotte, NC