Quality Measurement

Quantum CNS is a perioperative and quality measurement tool which measures 50 quality indicators. Designed by clinicians, for clinicians the quality measurement process easily fits into a clinicians natural work flow providing a solid “return on clinician time™”. Clients can choose if they would prefer to enter the data via a web input form or through paper. They can also choose the best way to deliver the data to our system: web, scanner, fax or mail. Due to the design, and ease of use, our clients can expect virtually 100% case capture.

Quantum CNS measures four key quality parameters:
  • Patient satisfaction (patient focused)
  • Efficiency/timeliness (value/productivity)
  • Practitioner performance (individual accountability)
  • Clinical outcomes (system issues)

In order to measure these quality parameters Quantum CNS requires inputs during the following perioperative periods:
  • Patient Pre Op holding
  • OR
  • PACU
  • Post Op Home Floor

Measuring our four key quality parameters during the four perioperative periods results in highly relevant and actionable quality measurement data for all of our hospital clients.